PS Plus May 2016 Free Games Leaked? Watch Dogs, Tetris Ultimate for PS4 Reportedly Coming

Even though PlayStation usually keeps its PS Plus free games list close to the vest around this time of the month, sometimes the lineup of free games can leak. It appears to have done just that, with a possibility of Watch Dogs and Tetris Ultimate on the way for the PS Plus May 2016 free games list.
Warner Bros. Unleashes 'Mortal Kombat Legacy'

The Secrets of 'Mortal Kombat' Revealed After 20 Years

Unlocking the secrets to the game "Mortal Kombat" is only possible with the old school arcade machine.

PSP vs. PlayStation Vita 2014: Sony Ceases Production of PlayStation Portable Device

PlayStation Portable faced massive competition from smartphones.

New Minecraft DLC Gives Players a Halo Mash-Up

Halo and Minecraft together in one game? Sounds a lot like the time when peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were first introduced to the world.
MLB 14: The Show

MLB 14 The Show Receives High Praise From Experts, Fans

Sony's latest baseball game brings in high ratings and reviews

Three Trending Games for PS4 That Share Indie Origins

Best Indie Games for PS4
playstation 3 ps3

GTA 5 Wanted Level, Slow Motion Cheats & More; Grand Theft Auto Updated Coming This Spring?

Grand Theft Auto 5 updates are on the way this spring, but what are gamers going to do in the meantime?
Final Fantasy XIV Will Get the Stormblood Expansion By June 2017

Finaly Fantasy 14 Beta Ends April 7; PS3 and PC Transfer Available

The game has several new features and will be 1080p

'The Last of Us' Drops to Next Gen This Summer? Sony Says 'No Comment'

The Naughty Dog title will reportedly be out summer of 2014, says a Sony executive but another spokesperson says otherwise.
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear's Prequel to Phantom Pain is Official [Gameplay Footage]

US and EU get it March 20

New 'Console Wars' Movie Depicts Classic 90's Sega vs. Nintendo Rivalry

Produced by Scott Rudin with Writing by Seth Rogen
xbox one

Microsoft To Lower Xbox One Price, But Only In One Area Of The World

It looks like the Xbox One will finally get a price cut after all -- but only in a certain part of the world.

'Call Of Duty: Ghosts' Space Cats & Captain Price Pack Now Available

Infinity Ward has announced that its new downloadable content for "Call Of Duty: Ghosts" is now available.

Microsoft Release New Remote for Xbox One; What Does It Do?

The Xbox One hasn't enjoyed the same kind of success as its Playstation 4 counterpart, but Microsoft is at least focusing on what stands out about its new console: It is more than just a video game platform.

Are Xbox One Games More Difficult To Develop?

Microsoft has marketed its new Xbox One gaming platform as if the console was created for more than just video games.

PS4 vs Xbox One News, Games, and Availability: With Next-Gen Consoles Leading in Popularity, Nintendo Expects To Lose Hundreds Of Millions

Microsoft and Sony have had so much success with their next-gen video game console releases that one of its competitors.
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