It's good news for Maite Perroni this week.

People are not only taking notice of the star's recent photo shoots: They are also tuning in to watch her on TV. The telenovela, which stars Perroni and Daniel Arenas, began on Monday and had 17.7 points for its first broadcast, ending with 19.3 points, Radio Formula said.

Perroni has continued to say that this is a role of a lifetime for her, and she took to Twitter to share a picture of herself and Arenas from the show. She and her co-star lie in a pile of leaves and look as though they are about to kiss.

She asked fans to follow the story night after night.

Perroni has said that the show tells a real story, even opting for a real location instead of a set. Arenas said he also believes the story is very realistic.

"In love, age social class, skin color, country of origin, the language that you speak doesn't matter. It's universal," he said, according to Diario Rotativo. "It's the force that moves us, so I do my job and I stay in a country that's not my own."

He added that he hopes people fall in love with the love the main characters share.

Unlike Perroni, Arenas has not needed to shoot in Bordo de Xochiaca, which is a dump.

"I've gone very few times," he said. "But the times that I've had to go, I've had to work under extreme situations, such as rain or shooting scenes where the hut falls on top of us. That place overwhelms you in all aspects, in what you smell, in what you see, in what happens to you."

The star, who says he tries to remain humble, also took to Twitter to thank his fans for always supporting him.