Everyone has seen everyday runners and athletes wearing the peculiar toe shoes. During the barefoot running craze from a couple of years ago, a new athletic shoe hit the shelves and was an instant hit, but, if you bought a pair of those very odd shoes, now you are entitled to a refund.

The manufacturer of the Vibram FiveFinger shoes, Vibram USA Inc., has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit brought against it. According to NBC News, the lawsuit was brought against the manufacturer because it advertised health benefits that it could not achieve. The company claimed in its advertisement that the shoes would improve posture, strengthen muscles and reduce injuries.

The suit, filed in March 2012, closed with the settlement. Claimants, explained NBC News, can go to the website fivefingerssettlement.com to file a claim, once the site goes live. Valid claims will received between $20 to $50 back without needing to provide proof of purchase. The latter is only needed when a person bought more than one pair. However, since the shoes' retail price is between $80 and $125, consumers will still be losing some money.

According to Ars Technica, the settlement made the company set aside $3.75 million in an escrow account. From this money, claimants will be repaid. The shoes health benefits have been in debate since the running barefoot trend began. Ars Technica explains that initial reports said barefoot running did alleviate impact to places like the knees, which are prone to stress. However, later studies found that strain shifted other parts of the leg or foot.

They add that as part of the settlement, Vibram is required to run ads on sites like runnersworld.com to inform customers of the lawsuit.

Have you ever used these kinds of shoes? What did you think of them?