"¡Viva la Independencia Nacional! ¡Viva México!" you can hear the citizens of México sing in the streets on Mexican Independence Day. See one amazing thing (amongst the many others) about México is that they love to celebrate their independence and the day it took place. Remeberance of the struggle, heartache and pain that took place in 1810 in México isn't forgotten but is a distance memory on Mexican Independence Day. The survival and the growth since 1810 is placed high above on Mexican Independence Day and everyone can't help but embrace the joyous celebrations. And it would be wrong not to join in so Latin Post has put together a few things to know about Mexican Independence Day and how you too can celebrate it!

Here are ten things to know about Mexican Independence Day:

  1. Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico's Independence Day. It is the celebration of Mexico's victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla.
  2. Mexico started their celebration at 11pm last night as they do every year when the president rings the National Palace bell. He also reenacts Hidalgo's famous "Grito de Dolores". Though Mexico started celebrating last night we still have some time to catch up!
  3. Along with the ringing of the National Palace bell, the celebration includes street decorations, fireworks, music, food and street vendors. The people of Mexico dance and sing in the streets of Zocalo and take in all the positive vibes.
  4. A celebration isn't a proper celebration without some great food. So of course, Mexican Independence Day has some great dishes to indulge in:
  5. The morning after is somewhat part of the celebration. "How?" you ask. Well, Mexicans bounce back after a long day of partying by eating Menudo. Menudo is known to cure a hangover in Mexico.
  6. No need to be in Mexico to join in the fun! The holiday is observed in multiple cities including NYC, LA, Houston and others. Plus even if it isn't observed in your city, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate. No need for permission. Just ask the people of Sonoma. They will be celebrating on Sunday with a four-hour fiesta!
  7. The House of Mexico will be hosting their first Mexican Independence Day celebration today from 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. The celebration will be held at Spreckels Organ Pavilion and will also have the traditional "grito" performed. According to Gloria Cazares of the House of Mexico they want to use this celebration to educate everyone: "This time we're trying to inform and educate people and reference the typical dancing or typical protocol of what independence day is," Cazares told the San Diego Union Tribune. "A lot of people think Cinco de Mayo is independence day in Mexico. There's no relationship."
  8. Along with the history of Mexican Independence Day there are also modern day successes that the people of Mexicao have to celebrate for. Mexico ranks as 15 on the list of the world's largest economy with an output of about $9,000 per person, according to The Atlantic.
  9. They also can celebrate that their government is a multiparty democracy and have been since the mid-90s. This has made voting in Mexico much more free and fair.
  10. Through the ups and downs, Mexico has stood strong. Though they may have some internal battles of their own going on, they all try to come together on Mexican Independence Day to celebrate the great things about their country. For one happy day, Mexico isn't too worried about politicals, poverty or even Donald Trump. They are only worried about how much dancing to get in and food to eat before the night is over!