“Salsipuedes” will represent Panama at the Oscars. The film, directed by Ricardo Aguilar Navarro and Manuel Rodríguez, made its world premiere at the Panama International Film Festival.

The film tells the story a young boy, Andres Pimienta, who is sent to the United States to be kept away from bad influences, but returns 10 years later and meets his father, Bobby.

Panama made history in 2014 when it submitted its first film "Invasion.' Last year it submitted its second, "Box 25' but the film did not make the final list of submissions.

Panama will have a hard time getting the nomination this year as there are so many other Latin American films that are considered front-runners including "Neruda," "From Afar," "Alias Maria" and "Desierto." Other Latin American films include "Breadcrumbs," "Videophilia," "Little Secret," "The Companion" and "Flor de Azucar." 

The Academy is known for choosing some of the most critically acclaimed films out of the festival circuit. Most films that win the category have distribution deals lined up out festivals and have buzz from the beginning of awards season. Recently "Son of Saul," "Ida," "The Great Beauty," and "The Secret in Their Eyes" won the Best Foreign language category.

The Foreign Language Film deadline to submit is Oct. 3. On Jan. 17 the Academy will announce the nine finalists from among the eligible films and on Jan. 24 nominations will be announced. The winner will be announced at the Oscar ceremony on Feb. 26.