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Big Hero 7: Could The Sequel to “Big Hero 6” Be In The Works?

First Posted: Oct 14, 2016 09:23 AM EDT
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Although there has been no official statement from Disney, rumors are flying about a possible sequel for Big Hero 6. Fans have even come up with a possible plot and title, Big Hero 7.

Big Hero 6 director, Chris Williams, has said that they will only make a sequel to the movie if they can find a great story. He added that the crew and fans of Disney deserve a great story to make a great movie.

According to Master Herald, speculation about "Big Hero 7" gained ground when Marvel Comics' Stan Lee said that they will only start working on the sequel after other projects. Fans are anticipating that the sequel may come out in 2019.

GameNGuide has reported that Genesis Rodriguez, who is the voice actor of Honey Lemon, has hinted on an interview with MTV that a sequel could be considered by Disney. "There's rumblings of something else happening." She added "this is huge for them. I doubt that they wouldn't want to do another one."

Fans of Big Hero 6 have been clamoring for a sequel ever since the movie was released in 2014. Big Hero 6 turned out be so successful and profitable, that it only makes sense for Disney to make another movie. Big Hero 6 even won the Best Animated Feature Award during the 87th Annual Academy Awards,

The most prevailing theory about the sequel is about Hiro's brother, Tadashi Hamada, who originally created Baymax to serve as a healthcare robot. He was supposed to have died in an attempt to save his mentor, Professor Callaghan from a fire at the science fair.

Fans have speculated that Baymax's statement "Tadashi is here," is a clue to mean that Tadashi is still alive. It's said that Tadashi will return in the sequel as Sunfire, who is one of the original members of Big Hero 6 in the comics. He has the ability to fly and generate super-heated blasts of plasma.

Although the story going around is that Tadashi is slated to become the villain of the next movie, this is Disney, after all. Fans are all expecting that Tadashi will eventually reunite and join his brother Hiro to become the seventh member of his group in Big Hero 7.

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