DeMarcus Cousins is rumored to leave Sacramento Kings to join Los Angeles Lakers. In exchange for him, guard D'Angelo Russell and big man Julius Randle will join Sacramento Kings.

According to the Inquisitr, the rumor involving DeMarcus Cousins was discussed in Sportsrageous website. The latest spot of both teams gave them the necessity of the trade. Los Angeles Lakers are right behind Portland and Utah with a 4-4 record for the no. 8 spot in the Western Conference below them is Sacramento Kings with 4-5. The current Lakers team is still young and its players are eager to build themselves toward the future. That's why they might want to have another veteran star for their lineup to boost in the postseason. It seems Cousins would help a lot for this end.

This jives with Cousins open expression of discontentment about how the Kings organization runs the team and structure of their roster. If in the next games Kings would continue to fall, Cousins might finally leave the team.

Lakers and Kings see that they would both benefit with the trade. Lakers as mentioned need the kind of Cousins to boost in the next games for the postseason. Though Randle and Russell are potential emerging talents Lakers still want to continue the deal. Russell can be recalled as having a part of Nick Young's sudden failure last season.

This might be the reason for the Kings to give Cousins and receive Randle and Russell along with Jose Calderon's contract in this deal. They would help Sacramento start their climb to rebuild. In connection with Russell's being part of Nick Young's debacle but still he led the team in scoring with 15.4 points per game. Julius Randle also has scoring lower than Louis Williams with average of 15.3 and Jordan Clarkson 15.1 per game. He only puts 14.5 points and eight rebounds per game, as HNGN reports.

But still, the Kings wants to pursue the deal.

As of now, everything are just speculations. No deals have been set in place, and only time will tell what can happen next.