It's a well-known fact that Latinos are some of the foremost consumers of mobile technology and T-Mobile aims to please with the launch of a new wireless service with Univision called Univision Mobile next week.

The service will launch May 19 nationwide and will offer users unique content from Univision, including apps, wallpapers, ringtones and access to certain events. Walmart will be the exclusive nationwide retailer, selling Univision Mobile in 1,800 stores. Interested parties will also be able to snag Univision Mobile at one of 6,000 independent dealers with strategic access to Hispanic communities.

Latinos have become an increasingly desirable demographic in the United States, spurred by their rapidly expanding population that now numbers close to 56 million. According to Nielson data, 72 percent of Latinos own smartphones, 10 percent higher than the population average, and 49 percent of Latinos plan on replacing their smartphone. Other carriers have also targeted the Latino population with similar moves, notably Verizon's partnership with Jennifer Lopez resulting in Viva Movil.

"Univision Mobile's services and features have been created to satisfy the needs of the U.S. Hispanic community," said Kevin Conroy, President, Digital & Enterprise Development, Univision Communications, Inc. "We're providing the best value, no annual contract wireless service plans specifically tailored to our audience's needs. This partnership further reinforces our commitment to serve our audience in every way possible and also clearly demonstrates how Univision is the gateway for any brand looking to connect with the influential and fast growing U.S. Hispanic community."

Univision Mobile combines Univision content with T-Mobile wireless plans that include unlimited nationwide talk and text for $30 a month and unlimited talk, text, and web plans with 2.5GB of high speed data starting at $45 a month. Internationally, Univision Mobile offers unlimited international texting from the United States to over 200 countries around the world, and 100 minutes to call mobile or landline numbers from the United States to Mexico and seven other Latin American countries.

"As our customers continue to make the switch to no-contract wireless plans, we're excited to provide them with another exceptional service that delivers what they want at a disruptive value," said Walmart wireless vice president Mehrdad Akbar. "With more than 16 million Hispanic customers in our stores each week, we also know staying in touch with friends and loved ones outside the U.S. is very important. Univision Mobile will help them stay connected while providing access to the media content they want."

You can read the press release and access the Univision Mobile brochures in both English and Spanish here.

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