Encryption has become an important issue with many organizations following the growing interest of securing privacy, and one startup company has worked on securing communications.

Enigmedia, in a span of over two years, has helped solve the problems of privacy for individuals and companies and at "20 times faster" than the current solutions on the market, according to Enigmedia Founder Gerard Vidal. The Enigmedia founder noted the key to Enigmedia's encryption technology was based on "The Chaos Theory," and their solution establishes encryption keys through "pseudo-random" sequences. With the aforementioned sequences, it allows them to be in possession of an encryption technology at 252 bitrate.

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Based in Spain, the team of Enigmedia, also founded by Carlos Tomas and Iker Hernandez, recognizes that protecting privacy is an important aspect of a business's success. The company's mission to guarantee their clients have sole data possession has garnered the attention of many institutions, such as banks, corporations, and governments in Spain and across several countries including Latin America.

Vidal stated, "It is important, such as in a negotiation, that no one else is trying to take the same info as you."

Enigmedia has also developed their encryption technology to mobile apps. Businesses can use Skype-type features, such as audio and video calls, across all types of devices -- smartphones, tablets and even PCs -- and can be downloaded from Apple's App Store and Google Play. A distinct feature with the Enigmedia app is Guest Mode, which provides secure calls even to contacts not connected with Enigmedia. With Guest Mode, the conversation maintains the same private and protected mechanisms provided by Enigmedia's encryption algorithm.

Enigmedia's security service isn't done yet, as it provides a secure High-Definition videoconferencing kit known as Enigmedia Box. The kit consists of a "Plug and Play" solution that can be installed in one minute with a USB device, web camera, mini keyboard and remote control. The kit helps establish video calls with fellow Enigmedia users while staying in the complicated encryption methods provided by the startup.

Since their inception in December 2011, Enigmedia has branched to Menlo Park, California, as they continue to establish themselves in the United States and Latin America.


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