Members of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RMSO) claimed to have captured a part of a Bigfoot on camera.

In a 47-minute long YouTube video posted on Bigfoot Evidence, the Sasquatch enthusiasts go on an expedition in the wilderness in search of the mythological creature. However, towards the end of the video around the 46 minute mark, it appears that two small shiny eyes are in the branches. According to the RMSO, this is video footage of Bigfoot's eyes.

Bigfoot Evidence reports that RMSO noticed the discovery after reviewing the tape and estimated that the creature was around nine feet tall, although it cannot be confirmed that what they captured is really a Bigfoot.

Earlier this year, a man from British Columbia uploaded a video that claims to show footage of a Bigfoot that he spotted two years ago during a hiking trip in Canada.

The hiker, who has been identified as a wildlife biologist named Myles Lamont, uploaded a video of what he alleges is a Sasquatch walking in the Tantalus Mountain Range near Squamish, north of Vancouver, Yahoo! News Canada reported.

The homemade video shows a black figure apparently moving up the slope of a snow covered mountain. In the video, he and and his friend are heard talking about what they see off in the distance as they stand on a peak. He also notes the size and speed of the creature and says it would not make sense for a human to be walking in that direction.

"I can't see it very well," Lamont says while looking into the camera lens. "It's this little black dot walking in the middle of the snow in the middle of nowhere."

As the figure appeared to be moving up the mountain, Lamont asks, "If that's human why would you walk up that ridge or that snow line? Why would he not just go straight down?"

He then makes a joke, saying, "Good thing we brought beers. Maybe we can lure him over here. I don't know how high we are, but we're probably close to 7,000 feet, and this guy's just scampering up snow lines like it's no big deal."

Watch the RMSO video below.