Clash of Clans gets ready to make a comeback in gaming industry with its December update. Now Supercell feels its a high time to bring in Clash Of Clan with VR-360 experience.

The Clash of Clans update will include VR enhancement. Supercell is busy working on the 360 degree trailer. The team is trying to figure out ways to find some Easter Eggs. Moreover, great amount of efforts are done by the company into the content, graphics and other minute details of the video game, as the game is doing its come back after a long time.

The trailer also shows the Hog Rider blown into the clouds. Also there are mass attacks along with a skeleton playing a piano on the right hand side of the screen. When one takes a look at the pig, a message pops up on the grounds which says " look up this is grass."

As reported by iTech Post, Clash of Clans forum site revealed that this new update will introduce big changes in some in-game spells. There will be Poison, Lightning and Earthquake spells including others which will get covered too.

The news over the changes in the game was made by on of the Supercell team member. Moreover, in the announcement made by the official on the official forum says no specific elements were specified. So, people can expect specific balances all over the board. It's something over which player have been clamoring for a long time. The relative changes will be made as soon as the update arrive.

Company is keen on spreading the balance across all the units in the game. The developer wants all the parts to be equal instead of some being strong or weak. This would be definitely provide a unique experience to gamers.

Reports also says that the new update in the game will provide people the opportunity of mining gems for free. And they will be getting a chance of boosting the ranking up to the top in the list.

The Earthquake spell will provide a fixed damage. This will be based on HP left, and the other one called the poison spell which will begin damage at a much lower DPS but it will go up with time. For more updates and queries please comment on the comment box bellow.