Electronic Arts has released a trailer that gives "Battlefield" players a glimpse at two upcoming DLC packs: "Dragon's Teeth" and "Final Stand."

The previews come courtesy of "Battlefield 4 Premium" Official Video 2014 (shown below), which shows clips of all five planned expansions, including the previously released "China Rising", "Second Assault" and "Naval Strike."

The clip for "Dragon's Teeth" showcases the most anticipated addition of the new DLC -- the two-handed ballistic shield. The shields, which grant you protection from bullets but render you unable to shoot in return, promises to add new degrees of strategic depth to the game's combat.

What really has people excited though is what was highlighted for the game's last expansion, "Final Stand." The trailer shows a strange hovering machine firing off a barrage of bullets. There are many theories to what this may be, but International Business Times seems to believe that it is based off a real life gadget known as the "multiple kill vehicle" or MKV.

Another released video from EA Dice shows off several new "Dragon's Teeth" additions, such as the new ground vehicle known as the R.A.W.R.

These new expansions will undoubtedly enhance the quality of the game, but the most important changes may come in the form of patches. It is well know that "Battlefield 4" has suffered from numerous bugs and glitches that have frustrated player's game experiences since launch. Dice has been working on correcting these technical mishaps, and according to Kotaku they may be closer than ever to 'fixing' the game.

Steve Marinconz at Kotaku dived into Dice's CTE (Community Test Environment) and found the improvements to his liking.

He said, "I loaded up the CTE and the difference is apparent from the moment you get into your first firefight. I hadn't realized how I had gotten used to the sluggishness of bullets registering in BF4, but when you're firing at people in the CTE, you actually see each hit being counted instead of just waiting to see them fall down."

He noted that these improvements are due to changes in the "netcode" -- "essentially, any problems that come from miscommunications between players' computers and the game's servers."

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