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Monster Hunter XX Latest Patch: New Update On Alchemy Style, SP Mode, & More

First Posted: Dec 20, 2016 10:45 AM EST
Monster Hunter XX Latest Patch: New Update On Alchemy Style, SP Mode, & More

Photo : IGN/YouTube

Today, Capcom has officially updated the official website for Monster Hunter XX, providing fans and players with tons of new details regarding some upcoming updates on the Alchemy Style, Deviant Monsters, SP mode, and more. They have also posted a trailer video regarding the games new updates that will be coming.

The official upload for the second trailer, including several gameplay footages from the official website, can be seen here.

New Deviant monsters

The 2nd brand new main Monster is called Ouma Diablos, and it is an incredibly dangerous and powerful monster that will pose a threat to any player that will face it. It doesn't really go into rage mode, but instead, this particular monster can get really reckless, jumping all over the place, which would make it pretty hard to hit him.

Deviant variant for Fate Four

Monster Hunter XX will also be introducing a Deviant variant for the Fate Four for Monster Hunter X.

Hellblade Glavenus: it can harness an enhanced version of its fire explosions

Heavenly Eye Mizutsune: its eyes were fatally injured following an epic fight with rival monsters, which resulted in it becoming blind. As a result, all its other abilities were enhanced to compensate for its lack of sight. It now uses, even more, bubbles than the vanilla variant, with some brand new type of bubbles that have never been seen before.

Blue Thunderlord Astalos: it possesses refurbished lightning abilities. It can now harness an electric sword from its horn.

Silver-Ridged Gammoth: it has the power of deep ice. If you get hit by its freezing abilities, you will be unable to move for a while.

Lastly, the Congalala is back in Monster Hunter XX, and as fans have been expecting, it still hasn't got its flatulence problem under control. The jungle map it's associated with will also be making a comeback as well.

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