There's something about seeing a piece on your favorite celebrity that just makes you have to have it. Unfortunately, that's often impossible. From big budget bags, to customized couture, to one-of-a-kind designs, there are plenty of obstacles preventing the average woman from mimicking their favorite star's look. Thankfully, fashion savvy beauty Eva Mendes has joined forces with New York & Company once again to make her high-fashion look more accessible, launching her summer collection just last week.

"Eva is gorgeous and incredibly stylish and has the ability to make women feel empowered," said a representative for New York & Company. "We thought she was somebody that our customer could really relate to."

Shoppers will indeed be able to relate to Mendes' summer line as it combines fashion with function in the cutest ways possible.

"Eva Mendes designs pieces that you can wear from the desk to dinner -- wear to work and then also throw on a pair of heels with it and go out with your friends ... on a night out," the representative explained.

While New York & Company is about dressing for work, the Eva Mendes line provides great solutions for special occasions. Although this is not Mendes' first collaboration with the company, this is her first take on a summer line. She wasn't shy with her creations; the pieces go bold with unique prints and bright hues while keeping things both exotic and feminine. What resulted was Mendes' favorite collection yet.

Plus, it looks like Mendes had your summer in mind during the creative process. There are plenty of dresses for summer affairs like brunch and weddings.

"I'm definitely a dress girl -- I love how feminine dresses are! With one stylish piece, you're done," Mendes said.

Mendes' feminine attitude aligns perfectly with New York & Company's business strategy.

"The collaboration was a strategic one," the representative continued. "We wanted to introduce some cocktail dressing and present a different aesthetic from the core offering we already have, kind of embodying a new emotional range with some sexy and old school modern looks."

The best part of the collection is that it screams Eva. Mendes is not just a face for the brand, but was hands-on in designing the collection as well. The actress drew inspiration from the girly-girl styles of the '60s and '70s.

"She is really involved with the design process," the representative said. "She takes inspiration from pieces she has found over the years. Then, New York & Compny helps her create the pieces so that every woman can afford them.

Have you ever seen a friend wearing something you want for yourself only to find out that it was a super rare vintage find from a thrift store? Mendes knows what that's like as her personal closet is stocked with pieces that have little to no duplicates in existence. She actress feels your pain, thus her new line turns "impossible to find" into "found and mine."

"She's really about dressing the everyday woman, just like New York & Company," the company representative added.

The actress, who is of Cuban descent, also drew inspiration from her mother and sister, who are "strong supporters of her doing this collaboration," according to the rep. Mendes' family can be seen in the "old school Hollywood glamour" looks.

"I love adding impact with statement jewelry -- especially layers of shimming gold and sun yellow for summer," Mendes said.

The beloved star will also drop her June collection with New York & Company on July 2 and has something big planned for fall. Until then, the summer line should help bring a little Mendes star power to your summer. Check out the collection here.

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