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A Nativity Scene in Ancient Egyptian Painting Was Discovered To Be 5000 Years Old

First Posted: Dec 26, 2016 09:41 PM EST
Nativity of Jesus, ca 1512-1513

Photo : Getty Images/DeAgostini

Modern technology has brought convenience to the daily activities of man but as it upgrades into more complicated but useful tools, the beauty of artifacts and ancient tools are something new to eyes of the modern world. This 5,000-year-old Egyptian work of art that depicts the nativity clearly shows that there are bigger spaces for old things to amaze and to learn more from it. Found in the Egyptian Sahara Desert, this drawing of Christ's birth manifests that truly, the Child was born to be the Savior of Mankind.

The painting was drawn on the rock ceiling of a small pit in the Sahara Desert and is believed to be from the Neolithic or Stone Age. According to reports from CBS News, Italian researchers have discovered this simple but historic art on 2005 but reserved their findings until now for their documentary 'Cave of the Parents'. Marco Morelli, a geologist and the director of Museum of Planetary Sciences in Prato, Italy, had led his team to this discovery where they found a painting using reddish-brown pigment of a man, a woman and a baby raised in between.

Their team also noted on a headless lion, a baboon or monkey, a star set in the east, but as Ancient Origins reveals, the painting was drawn by some 3,000 years before Christ's birth. The painting which was only revealed this year is to be the oldest nativity scene in the world, which will be attracting some connections on the specified details on the actual event. It is truly fascinating that if this painting was done before Christ's birth, then may be, there are already predictions and sightings received by the early mankind that a certain child will be born.

Going back to the story in the bible, Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt upon hearing a command from Herod to kill all male children less than 2 years of age. As the painting reveals some connecting details of Jesus and the baby raised high, people can now imagine the life of the poor couple who was forced to give birth on a Manger.

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