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FCC Filing Hints That the Nintendo Switch Won't Support 3G or LTE

First Posted: Jan 01, 2017 09:11 PM EST
FCC Filing Hints That the Nintendo Switch Won't Support 3G or LTE

Photo : Getty Images/Kevork Djansezian

A couple of days back, Nintendo switch's own subreddit came out with a post about certain details concerning their upcoming console. It is now been confirmed (at least according to the reddit thread) that the Switch will be supporting Bluetooth but not operating bands like 3G or LTE. 

Digging more details about the report on Reddit, a document from the (Federal Communications Commission or) FCC revealed that the switch will be compatible with Bluetooth however with a definite catch. It is now presumed that the Switch compatibility with Bluetooth might be limited to just controllers and not headsets or other bluetooth hardware.

The news was later picked up by Destructoid but however as of now, there's no concrete information about what consumers can expect from the manufacturer until the device itself is official revealed early in Jan. 2017. The hybrid console from Nintendo is supposedly one of the most anticipated household gaming systems for the coming year.

Apparently, the hardware can function in a temperature range of 5 degrees up to 35 degrees for a stable performance. Going into the FCC document, the hardware is incompatible with even 5gHz Wi-Fi bands.  The only downside might be the fact that Bluetooth access might be limited to pair with only controllers which would really impact wireless gaming experience and other accessibility features.

Even though the actual release date is not scheduled anytime soon, it's really concerning that such a beautiful console would be presumably released with restrictions and limitations. Early assessment about the device with the help of developer kits indicated that the hardware might be underpowered for its price point and usability. Previously, it was reported that the Switch would carry an Nvidia Tegra X1 chip rather than its successor which best suits modern gaming needs and also wouldn't hamper future development of games for this console. 

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