Montserrat and Alejandro finally come face to face, but she's now a married woman. (Catch up here.)

Here's what to expect in episodes 142 to 147:

Episode 142: Alejandro demands to know if Montserrat still loves him, and she confesses that she never did stop loving him. She promises to see him at night, and he assures her that if she doesn't arrive, he'll surely go crazy. But she say she'll be there because nothing would make her happier than being in his arms again. José Luis finds Montserrat as she's heading out to meet Alejandro.

Episode 143: Alejandro nervously waits for Montserrat, but she is delayed after her husband, José Luis, falls down the stairs. Montserrat knows that she wants to be with Alejandro, which means she has to tell José Luis the truth. And José Luis can feel that something has changed, so he asks her to tell him the truth.

Episode 144: Graciela asks Rosario what it's been like seeing Alejandro again, who has dared to stay in town though his life is in danger. Esmeralda thinks Refugio doesn't care about her anymore after the way he treats her. Rosario tells Montserrat that José Luis will look for revenge.

Episode 145: José Luis talks to Amelia about what happened with Montserrat while Alejandro was in a coma, a conversation which Rosario overhears. Alejandro kisses Montserrat as Graciela arrives to yell at them. He tells Graciela to leave them alone and to let them be together. Alejandro tells Montserrat that he can't take his rival José Luis being in her life, and that their issues probably won't end until one of them is dead.

Episode 146: José Luis tells Refugio by the phone that he needs to investigate if Alejandro is actually dead or alive because he cannot stand Montserrat being taken from him. What he doesn't know is that Montserrat is listening in on another phone, and she has become very upset. With tears in her eyes, she asks him why he never told her that he knew Alejandro was alive.

Episode 147: Alejandro tells Adolfo that he's not interested in talking about Maria, but he says that he may change his tune when he finds out that she has Benjamin Almonte's will. José Luis yells at Montserrat and asks what situation she has gotten herself into, but she strongly asserts that she doesn't have to give him any explanation. But she finally says she will tell him what she's been doing.

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