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Botox Is The Drug For All Health Problems-Yet Consider The Side Effects Too

First Posted: Jan 06, 2017 10:49 AM EST
Botox Is The Drug For All Health Problems-Yet Consider The Side Effects Too

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What do people usually have in minds when they hear the word"Botox"? Anti-aging or anti-wrinkle treatment? Probably. Botox has been associated with skin treatment. However, this drug is not only about to smooth aging skin like when it was approved almost 30 years ago.

Nowadays, botox is widely used to treat migraines, depression, twitching eyelids, and other health problems. The question also comes up: Is it safe? The answer is YES if it is used in a small amount by a certified health professional.

Yet, the drug still has some risks and side effects as well. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in 2009 required Botox to have a black box warning, showing that the drug has severe side effects. These can include effects from an injection that lead to swallowing problem, muscle weaknesses, and so on. Moreover, there are some lawsuits brought against Botox manufacturer Allergan, claiming that the manufacturing company didn't warn about the possible dangers of using Botox. Just like what happened to a couple in New York whose son has cerebral palsy.

Kevin and Lori Drake decided to have a Botox injection for their son, Joshua, who had a cerebral palsy in 2010. However, after the second injection, the kid had severe reactions such as breathing problems, facial swelling, seizures, and vomiting. The court finally ruled that the couple deserved to receive compensation worth US$ 6.75 million.

For some health problems, the use of Botox has been approved by the FDA, as TIME reported. A chronic migraine, for example, is one of the problems that can be cured by Botox and it has been FDA-approved. In 1992, Dr.William Binder, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, said his patients reported to have less headache after Binder injected Botox to remove wrinkles.

However, the use of Botox to treat depression, abnormal heartbeat, and premature ejaculation has not been approved by the FDA, though doctors already use it.

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