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Wild Spring Winter Storms In California Knocked Down The Famous Hallowed 'Drive-Thru' Sequoia Tree

First Posted: Jan 10, 2017 11:32 AM EST
The Famous Pioneer Cabin Sequoia Tree

Photo : YouTube/Veuer

The famous Sequoia tree that gave way for so many vehicles through its trunk and made a bunch of unforgettable memories for a lot of tourists as well as the people in California is sadly no more after the storms in the United States West Cost thwacked the giant. It is popularly called as the Pioneer Cabin tree that had a tunnel through its trunk carved out in such a way that it can easily accommodate a car. It is indeed sad that a 2,000-year-old 'majestic' Sequoia had been felled into a pile of dead wood after the storm, which the Calaveras Big Trees Association said was "just too much for it."

Fans Mourn the Tree's Demise

A Number of fans who share their fond memories with the tree are upset about the news and a few have expressed it to the Associated Press. According to Brown a retired middle school teacher from San Francisco Bay Area who is 65 years old said that seeing the tree in the dead state was as though someone in her family had passed away. Brown's family for four generations had spent numerous hours near the Sequoia and the other tourists from across the globe who used to visit her.

A Michigan Printer Traveler Says "He Won't Forget The Tree"

John and Lesly Ripper who got introduced to the giant tree through the Brown family expressed that they were totally blown away by the sight of the gigantic tree. John Ripper, who is a 55-year-old printer from Northville, Michigan said that he had traveled to 70 different countries across the globe. He said that he, however, would never be able to forget the memorable moments of touching and walking under the Sequoia. Ripper also had expressed that it was unbelievable to know that such a massive tree was felled down by a storm.

The Sequoia Died In A Snap of a Few Seconds

He added that the tree was gone in the blink of the eye within seconds and that the giant tree that everyone will remember will be lying as a plain sight of the dead giant from now. From kids to elders many visitors have gone awe over the stunningly huge size of the Sequoia and the ability go inside it.

The Sequoia History

The Sequoia drive-thru was created in the 1880s by carving out the trunk to allow cars and pedestrians to cross it. The diameter of the tree was as large as 22 feet and it lived for more than 1000 years said a supervising ranger named Toni Taeldi at California State Parks. It is notable that the Sequoias are the largest tree species on Earth that can reach a maximum diameter of 27 feet. However, they have shallow roots that make them prone to toppling.

The Storms That Killed The Tree

The heaviest rain mixed with rain and snow for about 10 to 15 inches hit the states of California and Nevada in the last week. This led to the emergency evacuation of about 5000 people. It is indeed unfortunate that the giant tree had to succumb to the spring winter storms.

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