Since the news of "Sherlock" Season 4 came out, fans of the popular TV series haven't been able to contain their excitement over its release date. Earlier news said that it would be shown in 2015; however, recent rumors have been saying that it was moved to a much later release. This could mean 2016 or maybe even longer. The conflict in schedules of the cast, crew and actors were said to cause the delay.

Moffat, writer of "Sherlock" Season 4, is finding it hard to organize the schedules, as he is also busy with another hit BBC show in "Doctor Who." Benedict Cumberbatch, "Sherlock's" lead star, was also commissioned to take the place of Guy Pearce in the film "Black Mass," directed by Scott Cooper. The lead role in "Black Mass," Whitey Bulger, is played by Johnny Depp. Pearce was supposed to play the brother of Depp (Bill Bulger), a role which has now been given to Cumberbatch. It was not known why Pearce chose to leave the movie.

The movie  "Black Mass" is the true story of brothers Billy and Whitey Bulger, FBI Agent John Connolly and the witness protection program of the FBI. The brothers have different lifestyles, with Whitey being a gang leader and Billy being a Massachusetts senator. Whitey grew up in South Boston's cruel streets with John Connolly who each led their own lives. Destiny brought them together halfway in the '70s. Connolly was a well-known and respected FBI agent, while Whitey is the head of an Irish gang. Connolly created a plan to get Bulger in the FBI, but what happened was not what either of them intended. "Black Mass" is a gripping story of racketeering, drug dealing and murder.

The other actors in the movie are Adam Scott of "Parks and Recreation" along with Dakota Johnson, Joel Edgerton, Jesse Plemons and Juno Temple, who are set to play FBI agents. It will be released in 2015.