Halo and Minecraft together in one game? Sounds a lot like the time when peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were first introduced to the world.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it will offer a special Halo mash-up pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on Xbox Live available Wednesday.

The pack is being sold for $3.99 in the U.S., £2.69 in the U.K. and €3.79 for the rest of the EU, Gamespot reported.

Users will get access to various Halo items including characters, weapons and worlds. The Halo mash-up pack will also come with a Halo-themed texture set with themed menus and user interface, items to craft and 31 music tracks from the Halo universe.

4J Studios, the company that developed Minecraft for Xbox and PlayStation use, also included 40 skins of characters such as Master Chief, Contana and Sergeant Johnson as well as the Arbiter. Pre-made worlds such as Blackout, Blood Gulch, Guardian, Sandtrap, Silent Cartographer and Valhalla are included in to the pack as well.

According to Gamespot, Microsoft had teased earlier this month that the game would be getting some Halo content added to it. Similar mash-ups have already been made for the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition such as bundles for The Avengers, Mass Effect, Skyrim and Spider-Man.

Last week, Microsoft announced that the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition would be released this coming August and will allow users who have been playing the Xbox 360 version an upgrade for $5.

"Most" of the previously downloaded content will transfer over to from the Xbox 360 edition to the Xbox One edition, Gamespot reported.

Halo, a multi-billion dollar franchise, was first introduced to the world in the Fall of 2001 along with the original Xbox. The game became an instant hit as it was a worldwide phenomenon.

The latest Halo 4 was released Nov. 6, 2012.