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China’s E-Patrol Robot Sheriff Tracks Down Criminals Through Facial Recognition

First Posted: Feb 21, 2017 12:18 PM EST

It's not a RoboCop-like everyone thinks. It's a simple robot manufactured by men and is ready to rescue when it sense trouble. The Chinese police force recently received a technical upgrade to its services. Chinese' robot police officers known as E-Patrol Robot Sheriff are currently deployed to help the officers for patrolling.

E-Patrol Robot Sheriff also can recognize and identify people's faces. It can also sense and avert situations like fire as reportedly it did during its first day of duty. According to Mashable, the E-Patrol Robot Sheriff has already started patrolling the streets in China.

Aside from its ability to recognize faces, the E-Patrol Robot Sheriff can also track down and follow potential criminals or suspicious people through facial recognition. E-Patrol Robot Sheriff is also capable of monitoring the air quality and temperature in the area.

Also, E-Patrol Robot Sheriff can also send signals with the use of its arm gestures and give verbal warnings to street violators. The head of the robot can be used as a surveillance camera that can record any offensive behavior committed by people on the road.

The robot will be stationed on a refuge island to monitor the pedestrians of Xiangyang. Chinese authorities are hoping that the robot would help prevent the Chinese-style road crossing which happens when people ignore the traffic lights and cross the roads without following the traffic rules.

According to Mail Online, E-Patrol Robot Sheriff was developed due to lack of safety awareness, poor road planning as well as ineffective laws which are believed to be the causes of Chinese-style road crossing.

The 1.6 meter-tall E-Patrol Robot Sheriff was designed to assist the traffic police officers on reminding the people of the traffic rules by raising its arms and flashing lights while showing warning signs and safety slogans in its chest.

With the installed surveillance camera in the E-Patrol Robot Sheriff's head, it would be easy for traffic police to identify those who need to be fine for running the red lights

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