'Steven Universe" will have a new role-playing console game called "Steven Universe: Save the Light." According to the game creators, Grumpyface Studios, the RPG game is set to launch this summer. Cartoon Network Games said that "Save the Light" is for "Steven Universe" fans and also for people who are new to the popular series. The network also promised that the game will stay true to all the aspects of the show; all the well-loved characters will be there and even the music that fans appreciate so much.

"Steven Universe: Save the Light" is actually a sequel to the 2015 RPG entitled "Attack of the Light," Kotaku reported. Fans would have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the new game including all the familiar places in Beach City and an original story written by Rebecca Sugar herself. Creators said it will be a mix of real-time and turn-based gameplay; players can customize with characters, themes, etc. plus there will also be puzzles to solve making it a very interesting game.

Polygon reported that Rebecca Sugar has released the plot for "Steven Universe: Save the Light." Steven and the Crystal Gems will be looking for a magical weapon. The weapon was originally from Beach City and the gang needs to retrieve it since the bearer could unleash great magical powers. Steven, Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet will fight galactic enemies in order to take the weapon back.

Connie, Greg Universe and other familiar Beach City residents will also help Steven. The hero will acquire many items as the game progresses like power-ups, buffs and gifts to be able to fight the enemy together with the Gems. Three screens of the new "Steven Universe: Save the Light" have been released online.

Cartoon Network Games and Grumpyface Studios have not announced a specific release date for the game. Fans can take a look at the game at the PAX East this coming weekend. Aside from "Steven Universe" games, Cartoon Network Games has produced a number of mobile games lately but it has partnered with Grumpyface Studios for console title sounds for the "Steven Universe" games and for "Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out" and "Teeny Titans."