Google is reportedly taking a new partnership with Jio as the Pixel gets more costly. The company is now the largest 4G network in India and recently reached its 100 millionth subscriber. The aim of the two giant companies is to produce an affordable 4G-enable phone that works exclusively for the network.

Google and Jio's partnership reportedly soon to market its phone end of 2017 in India. The giant company previously entered India and provided free internet in the railway stations. Google's service has reached 5 million subscribers every month. According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Jio, he suggests that the entry-level smartphones needed to be $30 to be more attractive to buyers.

According to some reports, Google has tapped into a mutually beneficial relationship by entering a partnership with Jio. For the American multinational technology, this partnership could mean a huge number of new users accessing inter for the first time. The company may benefit also by assessing low-cost handset strategy, The Quint has reported.

For Jio Company, the partnership will increase its data adaptation, they can further render better music and movies compared to another network. The Indian company can benefit not less as their service will improve its overall quality delivered to its subscribers, stated by Sanchit Gogia, CEO at Greyhound Research.

But the said reports are yet to be confirmed or clarified by both Google and Jio about the upcoming smartphone. The Hindu Business Line has reported that the industry has noticed that the two companies are in cahoots for some time now. The two have also been reportedly collaborating on a software for Jio's smart TV services.

Well, nothing can be said much about the rumored partnership but Google is hoping that the new venture with Jio is better than the Android One project. But Jio sources its devices from other countries so, it all depends if Google preferred to work with this manufacturer.