Move over, Call of Duty.There's a new Battlefield on the way.

Details leaked earlier this week regarding EA's next shooting title, Battlefield Hardline. The game will have players in the role of either a cop or a criminal as they wage war in the streets of America.

EA formally announced the game sometime after it leaked, but the real news came in the form of a detailed video showcasing many of the game's new features.

The supposedly months-old video refers to the game as "Omaha" (likely an earlier title) and outlines several multiplayer modes. Although the game has reportedly been tweaked since then, it still sheds a lot of light on what players can likely expect to see when the game hits shelves later this year.

"In [Battlefield Hardline], you will engage in all out criminal warfare as you fight to serve and protect or serve yourself," the video says.

The video focuses on four game modes in particular: Heist, Rescue, Hotwire and Bloodmoney.

Heist will have one team trying to stage a bank robbery, while the other team attempts to stop them. Rescue involves SWAT teams battling to save a group of hostages. Hotwire implements a driving mechanic as cops chase down thieves in an intense car chase. Finally, Bloodmoney has police and criminals fighting to secure a huge stash and deliver it to their safe house.

Hardline is reportedly being headed by EA's Visceral in addition to DICE. The game will also see a far deeper single player campaign with revamped AI and a multipath structure.

Other features include a police scanner (similar to the Detective Vision in the Batman Arkham series), ziplines, grappling hooks and several new vehicles.

"The Visceral Studio team has done an amazing job of bringing in a completely new concept while staying true to the Battlefield core gameplay pillars," DICE Vice President Karl Magnus Troedsson said on Battlefield's official blog. "I've been working with Visceral GM Steve Papoutsis and his team for several years on the cops vs. criminals concept and we think you guys are going to love it! We've always dared to try new settings and experiences with Battlefield and seeing this new one take shape is a long lasting dream come true."

We will likely hear more about Battlefield Hardline at E3 later this month.

Battlefield Hardline - Bande-Annonce - Gameplay by Xbox-Mag