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‘Rick And Morty’ New ‘GTA V’ MOD May Entertain Fans Till Season 3 Summer Release

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 05:30 AM EDT
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"Rick and Morty" fans that are waiting for season 3 of the hit Adult Swim cartoon may find distraction in the new MOD for "Grand Theft Auto V" where they can play as Rick and Morty in the popular video game. Modder Jedidah515 has developed a way for the two to appear in GTA V and battle police in a hell-raising car chase.

Season 3 of "Rick and Morty" won't happen till summer this year and a modder took this to his advantage and did a few modifications to GTA V, UPROXX reported. Jedidah515 created mods to add Rick and his grandson Morty as well as a Mr. Meeseeks into the game. With the mod, players can use an infinite number of Ricks and Mortys to deal with police and to wreak havoc in Los Santos. The mods will even allow players to change characters that were already in the game too.

Meanwhile, "Rick and Morty" fans still can't get over the fact that they would have to wait till summer to catch the second episode of season 3. Creators surprised everyone by airing the first episode "Rickshank Redemption" on April 1 and everyone thought that this was a simple April Fools prank. But as the episode paused for a commercial, a short clip or Morty staring at a pickle on Rick's desk was posted online and captioned "This summer."

After the first episode, creators of "Rick and Morty" released a bonanza of promos on Adult Swim, Den of Geek said. A number of video teasers were aired which revealed a few characters that might also be returning next season. Mr. Meeseeks, Gear Head and Mr. Poopy Butthole had their special teaser videos signifying their return while Bird Person will return as Phoenix Person according to the first episode of season 3.

"Rick and Morty" season 3 episode 2 is titled "Rickmancing the Stone." This will be aired in summer 2017 on Adult Swim.

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