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North Korea & USA Tension Boils Up; Pyongyang Residents Not Afraid As Kim Jong Un Always Wins the Fight

First Posted: Apr 20, 2017 03:18 AM EDT

Photo : Youtube/AMTV

The tension between U.S and North Korea had escalated sharply when North Korea conducted a sixth nuclear test earlier this month. And now North Korea's largest city Pyongyang residents seems to be interested in the big event in preparing the 105th birth celebration of the late founder Kim II Sung. 

According to CTV News, Pyongyang zoo's, and playground are full of people walking all over the downtown and taking photos everywhere. People in the city celebrates the 105th birth of North Korea's founding ruler.

The attempted missile launch came after the day the North Korea held a military parade in its capital marching to celebrate the birth anniversary. As the tension rises between U.S and North Korea, people in Pyongyang have forgotten that their lives might be put in danger if the untold war might unleash anytime between the U.S countries.

However, a retiree resident in Pyongyang named Chong Ok An said that her fellow countrymen are not afraid and threatened what will be going to happen. Chong Ok An further said that there was nothing to be afraid of as long as they have Marshal Kim Jong Un they can win every fight.

Meanwhile, country's current ruler Kim Jong Un is the grandson of Kim II Sung the late founder of North Korea. Kim II Sung serves the North Korea as a supreme leader for 46 years, ABC New has reported.

The current ruler of North Korea later declared as the supreme leader following his father's funeral on December 2011. And later promoted to the rank of Marshal of North Korea in the Korean people's army on July 18, 2012. 

It was remembered North Korea attempted to launch a ballistic missile in Sunday near Sinop on its east coast but it was believed to have failed. But at the same time, the United States has deployed three carriers to the Korean Peninsula.

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