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Microsoft Replaces Wunderlist List App with To-Do - What You Need to Know

First Posted: Apr 20, 2017 07:14 AM EDT
Microsoft To-Do

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Wunderlist is being replaced with To-Do, a new list application by Microsoft. The tech company has announced that they will be phasing out the outdated Wunderlist but offers an importer for users to switch to the new list app.

Microsoft's To-Do list application was first leaked when they were discovered testing a new program under the name Project Cheshire. Tech Crunch reports that they first bought Wunderlist in 2015 and in less than 3 years have decided to retire it.

The company promises that the new To-Do list application will offer more features than Wunderlist. In fact, Microsoft has announced in a blog post that they have made users of the old app make the switch easier by offering an importing tool that lets them put their old lists in the new To-Do app.

Microsoft explains that the To-Do app offers new features including "My Day" which lists items that needed to be done. The new app has been incorporated with a new feature called "Intelligent Suggestions" which allows users to customize by having the app suggest new items needed to be done.

The Verge reports that the To-Do list application also incorporates lists with emojis in order for users to easily identify them. Users can also look back at old and upcoming lists on the app. Furthermore, Microsoft is planning to add the share list features across multiple platforms. The To-Do list app can be synced across Android and iOS apps and tablets in the future.

The upcoming app will also be integrated in Microsoft Office, Outlook and Office 365 as a whole. They hope that users will find this more convenient as it can be accessed any time. Microsoft clarified that the To-Do list application can be used for those with Microsoft accounts and not only those with a Office 365 subscription.

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