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NVIDIA’s Future Plans: Volta, Pascal GPUs Plus GTX 2080 Ti

First Posted: Apr 30, 2017 06:31 PM EDT
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NVIDIA has a lot of competitors in the market. Therefore, the company is clearly seen re-vamping its products in an effort to make them more favorable for its consumers. New reports that recently emerged online suggest that NVIDIA's latest Volta comes equipped with capacity enough to take on most of its competitors, including AMD Vega.

As per reports, NVIDIA has already begun work on a development of a new line, following the success of Volta. The latter had managed to woe high-end markets with its graphic-card abilities. Users appear to be preferring NVIDIA Volta over most of its rivals including Radeon RX Vega, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX 1080 Ti and even TITAN X(P).

Moreover, the NVIDIA Volta line-up of graphic cards are also widely rumored to be the feature in high-performance GV102, GV104 and GV110 GPUs. The company apparently hopes to make the maximum use of the VOLTA range of graphic cards. At the moment, there are about three GPUs development tailored around the Volta architecture that are on its way. Nvidia hopes to finish the successful development of its much-anticipated Volta cards in time.

Like mentioned previously, following the success of its Volta line of graphic cards, NVIDIA is now preparing the introduction of their next-gen GeForce GTX 2080 flagship cards. According to wccftech, Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti said to be based on GP 102 GPU. The release date of the chip is still not confirmed.

According to another report published by Tweak Town, the company is expected to assemble their latest line-up by latest 2018. If reports are to be believed then even AMD is preparing the introduction of the new variants of Radeon RX Vega, hoping that it will out-perform most graphic cards out there.

Reports also suggest that recently that NVIDIA is currently focusing on launching their entire Pascal graphics card line-up in the market. Nvidia even confirmed that they will be introducing the former in different variants at different times.

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