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'Prey' Still Under the Policy of No Early Review, Out on May 5; Critics Claimed the Policy Is No Good Bethesda's New Game

First Posted: Apr 28, 2017 10:24 AM EDT
PREY - 10 minutes of PREY Gameplay (Developer Discussion) Bethesda Softworks 2017

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For players who wanted the early review of Bethesda's forthcoming sci-fi game, "Prey." Very unfortunate to inform but there will be no available review copy for the game. The company is still following the strict policy outlined last year.

The report came to no surprise but a ray of hope may still have as Bethesda's players dreaming of having an early review copy for the company's new sci-fi title "Prey." But just like the "Dishonored 2" released last year and the strict policy, there was no early availability of review for its players.

According to Bethesda's hired Public Relations Company, they have confirmed the developer's policy to send a review copies a day ahead before the launch of its new title will still continue. The strict policy of Bethesda was made effective last year between the released of the games, "DOOM" and "Dishonored 2."

Bethesda's "Prey" will be released on May 5, 2017, and the developer has released the game's first-hour demo for the consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4, The Verge has reported. Though the game may also be on PC but it is billed as "console-exclusive." Furthermore, players who have plans in purchasing "Prey," PlayStation Plus members has 10% off for PS4.

According to the report, players who have pre-ordered the PS4 version of Bethesda's "Prey" will be available for pre-load in North America starting on April 28, at 12 am EST. In Europe, the pre-order of the game will start on April 29.

Meanwhile, the continued policy of Bethesda claimed to be a bad move on their part as no game has ever been successful in holding a review copy prior to its release. Polygon reported that "Prey" is one of the games that have strongest openings but then after exploring the mysteries that fully invested for unraveling, a player may don't know where the story goes.

This was accordingly one of the results of the strict policy of Bethesda. "Prey" reportedly has less exposure, contrary to the recent and upcoming games where developers aim for their game to have a right amount of exposure.

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