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Xbox Project Scorpio Reveals Big Boost Memory and More!

First Posted: Apr 28, 2017 12:54 PM EDT
Inside The 2016 E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo

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Xbox Project Scorpio is Microsoft's flagship game console this year, competing the PlayStation 4 Pro or PS4 Pro of Sony Computer Entertainment. Officially introduced by Microsoft on June 13, 2016, the device has gathered the interest of many gamer enthusiasts due to its purported remarkable designs and features. And some of its specifications were already disclosed earlier this month.

According to BGR, Xbox Project Scorpio will surely be the most powerful home console once it will be available in the market. It's stacked up specs is said to be far better than the latest Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro which is currently making some fame in the tech market today.

Specs leaks say that Xbox Project Scorpio will sports an eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz, 40 custom-made Radeon units running at 1172MHz, 12GB of GDDR5 memory with a 326GB/s memory bandwidth, 1TB hard drive and a 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive. While PlayStation 4 Pro only has eight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GHz, 36 compute units running at 911MHz, 8GB of GDDR5 memory with a 218GB/s memory bandwidth but without a 4K optical drive.

With these attributes, Xbox Project Scorpio definitely stood out amongst the existing game consoles in the market today. But that's not all, as Microsoft has something to offer with Scorpio's memory package according to its developer.

According to GamingBolt, Xbox Project Scorpio memory is what it sets apart from the previous and existing game consoles. Its 12GB of memory is really a huge development on any high-end devices nowadays. 8GB of it is already dedicated to games while the remaining 4GB will be used for OS task, application and other various activities.

One tech expert also says that Xbox Project Scorpio 12GB memory will give the game console no "technical limit" in terms of game development. He further stated that it will take a time for developers to reach the potential of Scorpio's technical aspects. For now, the device reportedly will be available in Holiday 2017 which expected not before this year ends.

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