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FCC-Acrush: China's Hottest New Boy Band That Consist of Five Beautiful Women

First Posted: May 01, 2017 06:11 PM EDT
Popular Chinese Boy Band Made Up Of 5 Androgynous Girls

Photo : Pop Trigger / YouTube

FCC-Acrush, a China's latest and one of the hottest new boy bands that have 750,000 followers after doing various live performances are actually female singers. Yes, a boy band with five attractive members are made up of entirely girls and their admirers are already calling them "husbands."

However, according to CNN, one of the members of FCC-Acrush admitted that they were girl band and definitely the most beautiful young men. They marketed by a sports brand Fantasy Football Confederation (FCC) and held their first press conference in Beijing on Friday. The unisex five singers made its surprise announcement and revealed their true identity.

FCC-Acrush was founded by Zhejiang Huati Culture Communication Co. Ltd, and become tied up with Fantasy Football Confederation. The five women are all aged between 18 to 24, and the letter "A" in the band's name stands for Adonis from a Greek mythology, which means youthful male beauty. The group does not have any intentions in pushing any political message since China is a conservative country when it comes to gender roles.

Moreover, Cosmopolitan added that the FCC-Acrush concept is advocating freedom and not limited by its frames. Though not everyone accepted the androgynous style of the group but the group mark a long-held attempt as the successful unisex in pop-idol, as they became famous after winning a nationwide talent show dubbed Super Girl in 2005.

FCC-Acrush is comprised with Lu Keran, An Junxi, Peng Xichen, Min Junqian, and Lin Fan. Despite the fact that the group fills up an unusual niche they already amazed 900,000 followers on Weibo, and 15 percent of it are anti-fans. The

FCC-Acrush has been prohibited talking about their gender when introducing the group but rather a gender-free phase to be exact. The members of FCC-Acrush have already been dressing up like a boy before they become a famous boy band.

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