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Why Latin America Shouldn’t Be Ignored By Donald Trump

First Posted: May 01, 2017 06:33 PM EDT
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As Donald Trump moved to the White House, questions were raised on how it will affect the Latin America. Reportedly, it is important that Trump administration should provide equal attention to the region. 

According to Post and Courier, Latin America is currently facing a quite disturbing situation in various regions. Violence and economic instability are plaguing Venezuela. The problems that Venezuela is facing today could take the form of a major international crisis for Donald Trump's administration tomorrow. 

Apart from that, countries like El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are equally dealing with gang-related violence and severe criminal activities. This may cause a future disturbance if not taken strong measures. 

Coca cultivation in Colombia and other regions are unstoppable. Meanwhile, Brazil is witnessing a tremendous rise in corruption level that has left the country and other Latin American regions speechless. 

According to Diplomatic Courier, Trump's government hasn't recruited key officials, including Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs and the new ambassador to the Organization of American States. It has been over 100 days for Donald Trump in office and no steps have been taken yet to explore the vast opportunities Latin America and the US together can partake in. 

It is important that the new government reestablish the connection with Latin America. Reportedly, this is high time that President Trump strikes important bargains and deal with the region on issues including security, energy, and infrastructure. 

The US can enter into business with Latin America for oil from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico, and Venezuela. This will tremendously decrease America's dependency on the Middle East.

Next, Latin American countries like Argentina and Brazil are a great opportunity for the US in the energy sector. Both the countries posses well-developed ethanol industries.

Both Latin America and the US have to work in tandem to address the rising violence in the region, especially in Venezuela. It is important that the new government do not disengage with the countries on their south and redevelop a strong partnership that will benefit both.  


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