It's official. DESPACITO has reach Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart on Billboard and Number 1 on Spotifys Global Chart after almost a 20 year drought of Latin music as a chart topper.

Originally released in January this year, Despacito's success has become a snowball across the world. Even Dutch people is making covers! Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee song had its final push thanks to Justin Bieber's helping hand making the remix unstoppable.

Luis talked about his excitement and how sudden the song has become a viral phenomenon on Billboard UK. "It's a special song, but it was never meant or planned to be a crossover record - we just wanted to make a fun uptempo song. I guess that's the magic behind it. I'm almost glad it's all happened this way because I'm way more prepared to handle it. I've had ups and downs, hits and flops, so I feel like I can appreciate this success on a different level. I'm so grateful to be given this amazing chance with this song".

So, sing along (we added Despacito's german version):