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New Video Game Features Trump-esque Villains

First Posted: May 25, 2017 09:04 PM EDT

Video game developer Ubisoft recently released cover art to the highly-anticipated fifth installment of the popular "Far Cry" series and it's provocative, to say the least.

The image, released ahead of tomorrow's world reveal by Ubisoft, depicts several heavily armed, bearded American men seated "Last Supper" style at table draped in an American flag with crosses in lieu of stars and a bound hostage with the word "Sinner" scrawled across his back. Evoking connotations of right-wing Christian extremism in America, the image and soon-to-be released trailer are bound to cause some hot takes on the Internet.

The "Far Cry" series has been lauded for it's lush sceneries, depth of gameplay, and down-to-earth voice acting, but has never directly waded into the waters of controversy like this. Shifting the game to real-world Montana with real-world inspired religious radicals, instead of fictionalized locales with foreign antagonists barely recognizable to Western audiences, is a huge gamble given today's political climate.

It remains to be seen how exactly the plot of "Far Cry 5" will unfold and how a video game about Americans killing other Americans will ultimately play out, but suffice to say the conversations it will bring up will be riveting and enlightening.

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