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Robot Threat: How safe is your work?

First Posted: Jun 15, 2017 01:57 PM EDT

It seemed like something that could only happen in Hollywood, robots taking over. The stereotypical image of a robot taking over the world scared some, but now what has everyone actually concerned is the fact that they could soon be taking over our jobs.

At first, it was predicted that robots would only take over manufacturing jobs, which made complete sense, it would be faster, more productive and would have companies spending less. Now, however, jobs that require thinking are at risk. What we once thought was impossible to a robot may not be possible.

As artificial intelligence grows more and faster than ever before, the jobs that could be taken over are starting to be questioned. According to a study done by Oxford University, it is estimated that about 47% of US jobs are at high risk from robots taking over.

Some of the jobs that we could see gone to robots in the not too distant future are:

1. Truck drivers

2. Doctors

3. Soldiers

4. Sport referees

5. Salesmans

6. Watchmakers

7. Insurers 

8. Analysts

9. Tailors 

According to the New York Post, most jobs should be safe until 2020, but not too far down the line companies could be run by machines.

Doctors that detect cancer are in the clear for now, but a practitioner could soon be seeing a robot detect something better than an actual human doctor. Truck drivers? It's not looking too good for them as Otto, a self driving company made it's first delivery of beer from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. Even soldiers, yes soldiers, are at risk for no longer having to put their life on the line as robots and drones could soon take over the military. 

On the bright side, in each loss there is a gain. The world won't end just because there is new and advanced technology. Just like before, we will adapt and see new techonolgies arrive that will open new doors in whole different markets like social media, programming, cyberintelligence, graphic designers, among many others.

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