Cristiano Ronaldo's tax problems might be coming to an end soon, as he is reportedly agreeing to pay a multi-million euro fine to the Spanish government after defrauding them for years.

The Portuguese football star is set to take on Russia as it hosts the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup on Wednesday, but his mind might be on being called to testifty before a Spanish judge on July 31st.

According to Spanish daily, Ronaldo has listened to the counsel of his legal team and agreed to pay the nearly 15 million euros in back taxes that he owes Spanish tax authorities. He has two months, or until August 19, to pay in full if he wants to keep the figure at 15 million and stay out of a jail cell. Upon late payment or if he is convicted, with fines and interest, the penalty could rise up to 42 million euros.

Ronaldo maintains his innocence in the matter, stressing that his concession and payment of the fine shouldn't taken as an admission of guilt.

"Por ahí no paso", Ronaldo said or more clearly "I won't go there."

Despite support from the front offices of Madrid, the four-time Ballon d'Or winner became frustrated with the storied team, after what Ronaldo percieved to be a lack of protection of him on the part of Madrid. He publicly announced his departure from the squad last week and is actively seeking a new elite contender.

This is the latest chapter in the tangled web of footballers in Spain and team officials misleading authorities about their taxes and finances. Lionel Messi is by no means out of the woods, a former FC Barcelona club president, and former Real Madrid teammate Angel Di Maria has also been caught lying about millions in owed taxes.