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Tejano Man Goes To Court To Change His Name To Trump

First Posted: Jun 22, 2017 01:36 PM EDT

An Odessa, Texas man has won a court case legally allowing him to take on President Donald Trump's name.

Ernesto Trump, born Ernesto Acosta, filed a court petition last week to formally change his name. Trump, now claiming to be Donald and Melania Trump's stepson claimed it was "because it is more suitable for professional purposes.

"And then, I'm Hispanic, and I guess that makes it to some people more 'weird,'" Trump told

VIDEO: Ernesto Trump Speaks Out

Despite looking like everything Trump voters think of when they think of Mexicans and being the son of Mexican immigrants to the United States, Ernesto maintains his support of his presidential "father" figure.

"The man, to me, has done nothing wrong," Trump continued. "He ain't trying to take our guns away. A lot of us here in Texas like guns."

Trump said his Mexican family disowned him long before he had changed his name and turned his back on them.

"They thought I was an embarrassment to the family," he said.

Somewhat of a local celebrity on YouTube, Trump believes that this move will help him gain more notoriety for his social media channels. He has a ........ particular sense of humor you can see on his personal Facebook page, along with videos making sure we all know where he stands on Muslims.

On his newly acquired Ernesto Trump Facebook page, Trump appears to be reveling in the attention that suddenly comes with being a long-lost member of the First Family.

No word yet on when the Trump family reunion will happen or what position in the federal government Ernesto will hold.

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