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Helicopter Attacks Venezuelan Supreme Court (VIDEO)

First Posted: Jun 28, 2017 07:22 AM EDT

After months of protests against president Nicolas Maduro, an attack on the Supreme Court Tuesday night is escalating the local conflict to new proportions. Altough many venezuelans think this might be a false flag operation.

"It's a terrorist attack aimed at ousting me from power", Maduro announce in state television. He also said he had activated "the entire armed forces."

According to many reports, an helicopter piloted by a former intelligence member attacked two government buildings in Caracas.

Venezuela's officials said four grenades were dropped on the court and 15 shots had been fired at the interior ministry.

No injuries have been reported. According to local media, the man who flew the helicopter and planned the attack is Oscar Perez, a former captain from an intelligence and investigative agency in the country. Perez published a video in social media flanked by four masked men holding rifles saying they were "warriors of God" and "it is time for the people to stand against impunity and tyranny".

"Venezuelans, dear brothers, we talk to you on behalf of the state. We are a coalition of military, police and civilians in search of a balance and against this transitory, criminal government.We have two choices: be judged tomorrow by our conscience and the people or begin today to free ourselves from this corrupt government. We are God's warriors and our mission is to serve the people. VIVA VENEZUELA!”.

Maduro now claims Perez is following orders from the CIA by posting pictures of the former intelligence agent in front of the Capitol in Washington D.C. At this point there is no proof if this is true.

Several user's comments on Instagram asked this morning where is Oscar now. "What is the plan?"

Opposition leaders called Maduro's words an attempt to divert attention from people's power grab.

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