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Fred Trump: 5 Things To Know About Donald’s Dad Who Gave Him A Billion Dollars Possibly Fraudulently

First Posted: Oct 03, 2018 09:07 AM EDT
Fred Trump

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Donald Trump has always bragged that he built his real estate empire off of a mere $1 million loan from his dad Fred, saying "I got peanuts" from his mega-rich pop. An Oct. 2. expose by the New York Times has blown apart that claim as three investigative reporters got their hands on what co-writer Susanne Craig described as "a massive trove of confidential docs - including 200 tax returns - from Fred Trump's empire. We found Donald Trump received hundreds of millions from his dad, some of it via fraudulent tax schemes." At one point according to documents obtained by the Times,  he got a whopping gift equivalent to $413 million in today's money from his dad and at least another $61M in loans, all while allegedly evading the I.R.S. That's far from the $1 million in "peanuts" the president has always maintained. We've got five things to know about Fred Trump. 

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