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Make the Most of the Snow During March Break

First Posted: Feb 20, 2019 04:59 PM EST

When the March break rolls around many see it as the last hurrah to enjoy fun winter activities before spring starts again. The busy holiday season comes with a host of obligations, travel, family dinners, and parties that keep us moving until the new year strikes. Then when it's finally time for March break, folks are excited about the chance to make the most of the free time and milder winter weather.

Dress the Part

Whether you're new to winter sports or you can handle a black diamond run without breaking a sweat, you have to dress for the elements when exploring the outdoors this March break. You'll want to get the best thermal socks to keep your feet warm for a close but not restricting fit. You also want to have a little cushion in your socks for added comfort.

The thermal socks from Heat Holders come in varying levels of warmth - Original, Lite, and Ultra Lite - to meet your different needs. The Original level is almost three times warmer than ordinary thermal socks and you'd have to wear seven pairs of ordinary cotton socks to duplicate their warmth.  

Not All Socks Are Made Equal

It can be very refreshing and energizing to spend some time outdoors with your family during the March break. For winter activities like skiing, skating, or snowshoeing, wearing multiple pairs of socks is not an effective way to stay warm.

Double (or tripling) up on socks affects the fit of your footwear and might even cause blistering. What's more you could be compromising your safety by interfering with the fit of your footwear.  

Everyone who has lived through a winter knows the importance of a good pair of socks. Thermal socks, especially those with a high Thermal Overall Grade (Tog), are as important as the coat you wear to keep out the elements.

Layer for Your Activity

If you're a skier you need to layer your clothing, starting with a good thermal base layer, so you can make modifications as you start to raise your body temperature with the physical activity. If you're keeping things low-key and just planning on fun outings like a visit to the sugar shack or a tour of a museum, you should also incorporate layering into your outfits to meet the demands of the indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in-between.

Despite all the snow, remember to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water is extremely important part of taking care of yourself; especially while you're working hard on the slopes!

Bargains and Ski Packages

To meet the extra demand that comes with the March break, ski lodges around the province (and beyond) offer all sorts of specialty programming and lift ticket deals to get folks out on the slopes. You don't even have to have any school-age children with you to enjoy March break since the weekends, too, are a great time for skiing and snowboarding.

If you're feeling a little left out of ski events because you don't know how to do it yet, then that's another reason to take advantage of this time of year. You can start your day off with a lesson to teach you the basics, leaving you with the rest of the day to practice your newfound skills.

Whoever said the winter weather wasn't good for fun? With the right clothing and a game plan, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest this March break.

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