The youth who are the recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program of the United States of America are anticipated to participate in a walkout-of-school protest to let their voices be heard by the Supreme Court of the US in their strong support to the DACA immigration policy. It is expected that next week will be filled with oral arguments.

Numerous acts of school-walk-outs are being staged by the different schools in the United States of America with immigrant and DACA program supporters to let their plea be heard on their high support to the continuance of the DACA policy.

In the state of Washington, the youth of the DMV area will meet-up in the Union Station, Judiciary Square, and Capitol South Metro Station. In there, they will begin their march to the Building of the Supreme Court. Their unity march will end with a rally in front of the Supreme Court Building to express their support to the program.

Youth from different States such as Arizona, California, Illinois, and Oklahoma will also stage the same action.

"The students, made up of DACA recipients, undocumented students, and U.S. citizen allies, will highlight that their home is here and they are here to stay," said an advisory from United We Dream. The United We Dream is also one of the planners of the student walk-out rally.

On Tuesday, there will be a hearing with the Supreme Court on the legality of the cessation of the DACA policy (a program from Obama's presidency) by the current administration under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

The DACA policy of the Obama-era was implemented in 2012. The program had provided the undocumented immigrants with short-term protection from deportation. The program had also provided work permission for more than 800,000 undocumented immigrants.

The attempt of President Trump's administration to fully eradicate the DACA policy started in the year 2017 stating that the program is "without proper statutory authority". He, later on, he released an order to his administration to rescind the renewal of the permits for temporary work in the US but his order was denied by multiple courts. Three of these cases had reached high courts.

"They [will] hear arguments regarding Trump's unlawful termination of DACA and decide to either uphold the three separate rulings of the lower courts or give the president a green light for a new wave of family separation, stripping over 700,000 DACA recipients of work authorization and adding them to the list of residents already being targeted for deportation," said United We Dream's José Alonso Muñoz.

On the day of the oral argument with the Supreme Court, United We Dream will be joining the other protester groups such as the Home is Here Coalition and other activists involved in promoting and fighting for the rights of US immigrants.

High-profile persons from higher education and business are providing their support for the DACA program's continuance. Princeton and Microsoft are some of the organizations that are expressing their support for the program.