What to do during a job interview
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Looking and applying for a job is quite difficult most especially that employers over the years are looking for applicants who have high educational attainment and adept skills that are their topmost priority.

The first stage in applying for a job is an interview. There is an old saying that states "First impressions last," This is very important to take note because this could turn the table for those who are applying for a job but lacks educational attainment. 

In the century where we are right now, jobs are everywhere. Jobs are more accessible online and most of the time you earned more by being a home-based job employee. However, even jobs like these need a job interview to make sure that the applicants are qualified for the job. 

According to the new study conducted by Fiverr and YouGov that 6 out 10 American workers are looking for a new job every new year. Most of them want to shift careers, change the industry, or to be in a location where they feel comfortable to work with. This simply means that jobs over the years have dramatically changed. 

If you are in search of a new career in the new year, here are some guidelines that you can follow during an job interview based on the published article in Hispanic Network:

1. Do not be LATE to your scheduled interview  

It is common knowledge that when seeking a job you must not be late to the interview. Always remember that "first impressions last" so basically if you are late during the interview, your employer will also assume that once you get hired you will do the same. If it is inevitable that you will be late due to some circumstances that are seemingly out of your control, you have to inform your potential employer ahead of time. But it's safe to say this will severely hurt your chances for employment.

2. Be prepared

You have to know the position that you are applying for. One of the things employers are looking for aside from the experience is knowledge of the applicant about the position. Know first about the position that you are applying and if it is necessary you have to do some research.

3. Appropriate Attire

In some industries, they coined this one as the "Power of Dressing." You have to impress your employer by showing them how you dress. If you don't know what to wear or you were not told what attire is needed during the interview, better ask HR for guidance. But the most common attire that will surely impress your employer is a business suit.

4. Do not complain about your previous employer

One of the questions that are frequently asked by the employers is the reason why you decided to leave your previous job. Remember not to utter any complaints about your previous employment because it will only make the interviewer feel that you are a complainer and they will assume that someone holds a grudge against you. Just be thankful that you had that job before. If you are asked this question, you can answer them by considering the location and the vision of the company which best suits to your personality, but again do not complain about your previous employment.

5. Do not show overfamiliarity with the interviewer

Less talk, less mistakes. Always remember this during the interview. Do not give too many details to the interviewer, especially personal things. Remember, they interview you for the job and not about your personal life. 

6. Be attentive and show interest in the job you are seeking

Avoid slouching, yawning, fidgeting, and watching the clock during the interview because it will immediately give a negative impression to the recruiter or employer. Give your best posture and show them that you are interested in the job by answering the questions in detail.

7. Do not curse

One of the questions that will be asked by the recruiter is as to your stress management skill. Do not utter any inappropriate or explicit words. This will easily get you off the list. 

8. Do not fail to smile and make an eye contact

A perfect smile along with eye contact is the first step to have a successful engagement with the interviewer or recruiter. This will give your recruiter a hint that you are an enthusiastic person and have a positive outlook in life which is needed by most of the companies. 

9. Do not use your phone during the interview

Texting or calling during the interview is a sign of disrespect to the recruiter or employer. As much as possible turn your phone to silent mode or simply turn it off.

10. You can ask the recruiter about their impression with your qualification (ask only if the interview flows smoothly)

Some recruiters find it smart to ask about their assessment in your qualifications. However, you only ask this if your interview runs smoothly, but if not then better not to ask. You know what I mean.