A Netflix documentary series about the life of the convicted murderer NFL star will be released early this month.
(Photo : Reuters)

A Netflix documentary series that examines the life of a convicted murderer and NFL star Aaron Hernandez will be released early this month. Fans are looking forward to seeing the real story and motives behind the publicized case of the popular NFL player.

It has been part of Netflix to release different documentaries that talk about different issues affecting the Latino community. It can be recalled that they made headlines when they used themes like corruption scandal in Brazil and a sports superstar Diego Maradona who is coaching a Mexican soccer team. This time, they will again make another headline as they will release a documentary series about the life of Aaron Hernandez, the ex-NFL star and convicted murderer. 

A two-minute trailer for the documentary has already been released. The trailer starts with an off-screen voice saying, "no one has allegedly murdered two people and then played an entire season as a professional athlete." 

The trailer briefly gives a glimpse of Hernandez's life and includes footage of him as a football player at Bristol Central High School. The 2-minute trailer also shows a kind-hearted Hernandez who would not pick on other kids and a Hernandez who grew up in a house filled with domestic violence. 

Remezcla reports that the "why of the story" starts to develop when Hernandez received a $40 million contract to play for the New England Patriots. This documentary series is expected to prompt the Latino community to talk about the conviction of Aaron Hernandez. The trailer of the documentary showed how heavy it will be. This is brought into series by the creators of "Evil Genius" and "Making a Murderer."

The trailer would catch the attention of anyone who is intrigued about his life story. Along with the off-screen voice is a musical score that is sure to thrill viewers. One of the most interesting parts is his motivation for why he killed his brother-in-law and allegedly two other people. Although, he was acquitted in the latter accusation.

One of the questions being is about his association with drugs and alcohol that are narrated and shown in the trailer. Sports fans will surely ask if the murder has something to do with his addiction, previous life experience, an injury, or something else. Watch this documentary series and you will find the answers to your questions.

This documentary will surely catch not only the Latino community, but also sports fans who have been following the life of NFL star Aaron Hernandez. 

2020 will not be complete for anyone who is intrigued about the life of the NFL star if they missed watching this. This documentary show will not only tell everyone about Hernandez's life but it will also give lessons in life that evil is capable of manipulating even the most brilliant minds behind fame and money.

The documentary series will be released on Jan. 15. Netflix and sports fans now have many questions about the documentary. Was Hernandez charged without reasonable doubt?