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New Marvel/Disney 'Doctor Strange' Film Has Its Director Confirmed: Scott Derrickson Takes the Helm

First Posted: Jun 07, 2014 05:58 PM EDT
Doctor Strange

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Just like magic, the upcoming Marvel "Doctor Strange" film now has its director attached.

Confirmed by Variety this week, and the director's Twitter account, it is Scott Derrickson. Who is Derrickson? And who is Doctor Strange? And what does this mean for the Avengers?

Just like the upcoming Doctor Strange, Derrickson is an up and coming critically acclaimed writer and director. Derrickson wrote and directed the uber successful horror film "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," and then he followed it up with the acclaimed "Sinister." Both films cost approximately $20 million to make, but domestically they made well over 100 percent than it cost; "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" made $144 million worldwide, while to date "Sinister" has made $50 million.

So Derrickson knows how to make success out of very little. But it is more about talent and consistency than about creating a diamond out of coal. Derrickson is capable. 

"Doctor Strange" will be produced by Kevin Feige, who has been eager to make the Strange film. Executive producers on this project are Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Alan Fine, Stan Lee and Stephen Broussard, Variety reported.

Who is the Doctor? Doctor Strange, created by Lee and Steve Ditko, first debuted in 1963 under the title "Strange Tales." The character Stephen Vincent Strange was a brilliant neurosurgeon who eventually becomes a chief sorcerer that fought off all mystical and supernatural threats to Earth. Strange, in the Marvel comic books, was part of the the Avengers, and the character is part of Marvel's Phase 3 plan, Indiewire reported.

It is Doctor Strange's involvement with the Avengers in the comics which makes it more than likely that Strange will eventually appear in "The Avengers 3." However, there is still no word on who will play the supreme magical leader. It is only names such as Johnny Depp and Jared Leto that have been tossed around.

Derrickson has a lot of experience and is capable in handling the dark and mystical arts of his previous successes, and with the upcoming "Deliver Us From Evil," the New York Daily News reported.

Feige is definitely excited saying, "The way that 'Thor,' 'Avengers' and now certainly 'Guardians of the Galaxy' tap into that cosmic side, it will be great to go into the world of Doctor Strange and the supernatural realm," the New York Daily News reported.

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