Cancun Mexico-Dreams Resort
(Photo : Flickr)

Authorities know that unexpectedly things may change, so they're just urging caution as of now.

Despite the growing concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, Mexico lures American travelers with beaches and butterflies in hopes that they will not cancel their vacations anytime soon.

There has been no implementation of border screening initiatives at entry ports. No extra paperwork is necessary for visitors to Mexico to visit or depart beyond standard travel conditions. Travelers looking for information will be provided with health advice at entrance points.

As a result of the worldwide epidemic, there are currently no limitations. Level 1 Travel Alert has been issued by the U.S. State Department to apply standard measures including throughout much of Mexico. On Monday a seventh coronavirus case was identified in Mexico, but still no confirmed deaths were reported as of Tuesday.

The head of the World Travel and Tourism Council, Gloria Guevara,  had urged the visitors to be stay calm, to ensure their intake of information is updated and also to "avoid unnecessary panic."

Tourism officials still hope that America's worries will be brushed aside and that tourists will be able to ignore non-stop viral updates from home and go for a rest in Mexico, particularly in a place where  millions of monarch butterflies are preparing to head north in their winter sanctuary.

Cancún has been called the best holiday choice in Mexico by hundreds of spring breakers from colleges throughout the United States. They also crowd the beaches and resorts of the Maya Riviera and Cabo which are indeed breathtaking.

Mexico's white sandy beaches have traditionally become Mexico's leading international attractions for Americans, specifically texans, with a sophisticated city and road filled with purple jacarandas as well as the unique colonial towns and a sea of butterflies.

However Mexico's small percentage of coronavirus infections has raised suspicion among many others, including a major infectious disease expert, noting the proximity to the United States and Mexicans frequent crossing across the border.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed on Wednesday during his daily news conference known as La Mañanera, that they still had the same percentage of cases and fortunately no death is reported. He also added that information is not withheld from the public.

Tour guides and visitors in Mexico City try to brush aside questions about the coronavirus.

Although Mexico has for a long time endured a variety of natural and people-related crises, from the hurricane and major earthquakes to the H1N1 virus outbreak, along with the persistence of issues in some regions regarding drug violence.

The country has already undergone a recession which still draws tourists. Concern for the Coronavirus and a sharp decline in rates on crude oil Mexico dropped by 5.31% on the dollar on Monday and ending by 21.40 which implies that the all-powerful dollar purchases more.

In recent days, many Mexican carriers, such as Aeromexico, Interjet and Volaris, in the aim of attracting tourists have cut rates by as much as 80 percent. Experts are still concerned about losing revenue due to various concerns of viruses as cruises don't dock in Mexico.