My Family
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We have heard so much about the hiatus that COVID-19 brought all over the world. Schools were shut down, sports league were suspended, entertainment events like concerts and movies were suspended or canceled, employees were advised to stay at home and more.

In the heights of these things, everyone is tired of hearing bad news every day about the effects of the pandemic COVID-19. It is also good for you to hear some good news.

Most of us right now were advised to stay at home to mitigate the pandemic COVID-19. It is also an opportunity for all of us to take advantage of it by spending time with our families watching Latino movies that will help bond your family ties.

Here are some of the best Latino movies that you can enjoy with your family according to a published article:

1. The Book of Life

Everyone should be reminded that this is an animated film that will bring its viewers from the underworld and back. This is a little bit scary most especially for children but this will help you explore some Mexican culture like the celebration of the dead. This movie gives a strong message about the importance of family ties and the significance of valuing family relationship most especially of our loved ones are still alive.

2. The Latino List

This is one of the best documentary films that you can enjoy watching together with your family. This explores the real-life issues of Latinos in the United States and the challenges that each member of the largest minority group in the country is facing every day. This will also give you lessons such as acceptance, empowerment, the value of family, community, and working hard to reach your goal.

3. Like Water for Chocolate

This movie is a little bit sensual and this is the first thing that parents should know. However, before or after viewing this movie parent should explain to their children issues that commonly arise in the family like generational conflict, gender equality, and cultural traditions. Parents can also discuss with their children how this movie used realism to portray the family ties of Latino families.

4. McFarland, USA

This movie is based on a true story about a Mexican-American cross-country team from California. This also talks about a coach who is determined to guide kids of farmworkers in a team that is good enough to compete in a cross-country championship. Even though some scenes need guidance from parents like fist-fighting, a suicide attempt, a knife fight, and a father who is very aggressive towards his family there are also good lessons that each member will learn from true to life movies. This will teach each one in the family the value of cooperation, teamwork, and the sense of community.

5. My Family

This is an adult movie because of its sensual scenes that include half nude characters. Aside from that one, this movie also includes violent scenes such as shooting, a knife fight, and a graphic child delivery that led the mother's death. However, this movie will teach each member of the Latino family the dynamics of Mexican-American families that are oftentimes presented in the mainstream cinema.