Mark Zuckerberg
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As this pandemic reigns in the world today, everyone is affected. Workers were forced to stay at home or
work from home. But many workers have stopped their job because they cannot bring their work home. So employers must come up to a solution to at least address their needs. And as this is a global problem, Facebook employees are also very affected by it.

It is not a secret that Facebook needs thousands of workers for it to run smoothly and cope up with the people who are using it around the world. It is somehow considered as one of the humans' necessities.

Facebook is not only for communicating use, but this has become the source of information about what is happening around the globe. And because this is into the Millenials, Facebook has also become their source of income by advertising their brands and negotiating clients. 

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So the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has come up with a solution and informed his employees of around 45,000 that he is going to give them a six month bonus and an additional $1,000 bonus to help them survive the Coronavirus outbreak. Each employee will get both bonuses for them to be able to supply and sustain all of their families' necessities during the lockdown and the quarantine.

Facebook will also send thousands of its content moderator home, but their payment will continue.

Zuckerberg said that he had come to a realization that all employees need more time to be away from work to be able to focus on the needs of their families and children.

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He also realized that they would need extra money to set up their home for them to be able to work at the same time to support their family. Hence the additional $1,000. 

The news was reported after the company's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg announced to the public that Facebook would be investing $100 million in order to help and support small businesses in 30 countries.

She also added that the company heard them and understood that they need financial support to sustain and remain under operation and can compensate their workers who cannot come to work.

This effort has been labeled as the most aggressive step an American company has ever done to ease the financial problem of the coronavirus outbreak.

The need to get the financial assistance to the workers is needed as soon as possible and that they are pushing this to come into reality.

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Because as days go by, a lot of families are getting hungry due to lack of food supply in their homes for they cannot go to the grocery store, afraid that they may be exposed to the virus and get infected, much worse they can transmit it to their loved ones.

This has been a big help not just for the business owners but also for the community. They had helped lessen their burden in providing shelter and food. And these workers who are not able to work can focus on keeping their family safe.