Selena Quintanilla
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Not so much information can be told about Selena that has not already been made known in the 25 years since her tragic death. However, one of the many ways to constantly reconnect with the "Tejana queen," or the "Mexican Madonna," is by recognition and celebration of the enduring legacy and influence she had on the artists who, in this generation are being greatly admired and looked up to.

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In this article, three of today's most wanted Latina artists, Chiquis Rivera, Angelica Garcia, and Kali Uchis have their share of the story about how Selena influenced them in their respective careers.

Chiquis Rivera: Selena Reminds her that 'Music is timeless.'

Chiquis Rivera
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According to Rivera, to every female artist, La Reyna has some 
impact on many people's lives. However, she said, for her, both professionally and personally, just knowing that the singer is still topping the charts 25 years after she's gone reminds her that indeed, music is timeless.

More so, Selena's music was undoubtedly ageless and until now, she continues to inspire Rivera.

Rivera added that she loves watching the legendary singer's interviews, as well as how easygoing, humble and full of light she was. "Selena," Rivera said, "reminds me to just be myself."

Kali Uchis: The Singer's Iconic Presence and Confidence Cannot be Taught

Kali Uchis
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Kali Uchis was still a baby when Selena died. Therefore, she recalled, as a child, her only memories of the music icon's songs are those that when there are parties and family gatherings, everyone sings them word for word.

Uchis also said she remembers her father explaining to her how one of the most celebrated Mexican-American artists died, and how much he cried upon finding out and realizing she was gone.

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Uchis added, Selena did not just inspire her style, but she realized too, that the singer had an iconic presence and confidence that can never be taught.

Angelica Garcia:

Angelica Garcia
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For this young artist, Selena was especially influential as a child to see this "fashionable, amazing and fashionable vocalist". Garcia explained that Selena also had a family that has kept on reminding her so much of her own.

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Interestingly, Garcia shared she used to have a Selena Barbie doll which she considered one of her most valuable toys. It was indeed the most prized one, especially she made it sing through the box as if it was having concerts along with her other toys.

Unexpected Death

Selena was only 23 years old when she died in 1995 after Yolanda Saldívar, the manager of her boutiques and president of her fan club shot her while she was inside her hotel room Corpus Christi, Texas.

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More than two decades have passed but the true fans of Selena still mourn her untimely and sudden death. According to reports, the tragic events began with the singer's father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr.'s discovery. When fans began to call and send letters about the merchandise they had already paid but did not receive, Abraham noticed the manager had stolen over $60,000 from the boutiques and the fan club.

Yolanda got fired eventually, but she still held several financial documents for the boutiques. This then was the reason Selena arranged to meet with her at the said hotel. Yolanda shot her on the shoulder but the singer was able to escape the hotel lobby before she was hurriedly brought to the hospital. Not long after, the singer was pronounced dead