Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

Demi Lovato recently shared that she is no longer close friends with her former Disney co-actress, Selena Gomez, says an article.

A Message for Demi Lovato

After Lovato's performance at the Grammy Awards, Gomez, posted on social media that she was left without words to describe Lovato's performance. Also, she described the performance as inspirational. She deserves the moment, and she couldn't be happier for her former Disney co-actress, Gomez added. Furthermore, Gomez expresses her appreciation for Lovato's bravery and courage. 

Demi Lovato's Response to the Message

In the latest interview, Lovato responded to Gomez's message.

According to Lovato, you will never lose your love for someone whom you grew up with. She also shared that she and Gomez are not friends anymore. However, she stopped mid-sentence and tells everyone that she will always have a love for her former Disney co-star. Additionally, she shares the best of wishes for everyone.

First Public Performance after Near-Deadly Overdose in 2018

The Grammy's performance of Lovato in January was her first public performance after a near-deadly overdose in July 2018. 

Former Co-Stars

The former Disney child stars were once very close. They both made TV appearances in 'Barney & Friends.' They entered Disney at almost the same time on different shows. 

Additionally, Lovato confirmed that she had no recent communication with her former 'Camp Rock' co-stars the Jonas Brothers. However, there is one Disney co-star she has kept in touch with.

Lovato shared that she had been keeping in touch with Miley Cyrus. She shares that Cyrus is the only Disney co-star that she has maintained connections with after leaving Disney.   

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Past Relationship

Wilmer Valderrama, Lovato's ex-boyfriend, also left Lovato's life. The former couple dated for six-year before they broke up in 2016. In January, Valderrama announced his engagement to Amanda Pacheco.

Lovato said that she is happy for Valderrama. Also, she shared that she needed him out of her life to learn that she can be okay on her own. 

"For those who enter a relationship at a young age and spend six years together, people do not get the opportunity to learn about themselves," Lovato added.

Lovato's Sexual Preferences

Lovato has become very open about her sexual preferences. She describes herself as 'fluid.' She also pictures herself in the future with two or three children with either a woman or a man. 

She sees sharing children with a woman as a fun experience. Additionally, she shares that she has no vision as of the moment of her future. Furthermore, she says that she is open to anything. 

Currently, Lovato is dating Max Ehrich, a former soap star. Lovato made an appearance by accident on Ehrich's Instagram Live last month. She also commented on Ehrich's recent social media post.